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Tap the gear icon in the upper-left hand corner when in the MixEffect Home to access the Settings page.

MixEffect Pro

If you have not yet purchased MixEffect Pro, the following buttons will be shown here:

If you have already purchased MixEffect Pro, a Tip Jar button will appear. Help support the continued development of MixEffect by leaving a tip.

NOTE: If you have purchased MixEffect Pro, you will need to return to Settings and choose Restore Purchases if you ever reset MixEffect’s settings.



Tries to connect to the last connected switcher every five seconds if disconnected.

Enable ATEM Simulator

Turns on a simulated ATEM 1 M/E Production Studio 4K switcher (with three additional dummy M/E buses) that you can use to play around with MixEffect. You will be able to change the program and preview bus, but other actions will have no visual effect in MixEffect. It’s a simulated ATEM after all!

Enable View Only Mode

This sets up MixEffect in a viewing mode, suitable for handing off the device to someone.

View Only Mode

Enabling it will reveal an orange banner at the top of the screen. After dismissing the Settings sheet, you will notice that you can drill down into more sections within MixEffect, but you cannot interact with the controls.

Tap the orange banner to authenticate with Face ID to disable View Only Mode.

Refer to the section in Security for more details on View Only Mode.


Tap User Interface to access the following preferences:

Show Panel Titles

A small header will appear above each panel in the switcher page when this option is enabled. Disable it to fit more items vertically.

Use Full Height Sidebar

This setting is only available on iPadOS. When enabled, the sidebar panel will take up the entire height of the screen. Normally, the top panel spans the entire width of the screen, and the sidebar module is aligned with the left/right and bottom panels.

Show All Color Generators

When enabled, long-pressing on a color source in the Switcher will display a sheet showing all available Color Generators. Disable this if you only want to see the selected Color Generator.

Sort Audio Sources

When enabled, audio sources that are currently off will be automatically minimized and placed at the bottom of the list of sources in the Audio section. Active audio sources will be placed at the top of the list. When disabled, sources will appear fully expanded and ordered according to their audio source ID.

Haptic Feedback

Enable this to produce Haptic feedback when pressing certain buttons or dragging the fader bar. This feature is only available on devices that feature a Taptic engine.

Shake to Reload

Enable this to allow you to shake your iOS device to reload the switcher connection. This feature is off by default.

Differentiate Boxes with Colors

Enable this to highlight each SuperSource box with a different color:

Sticky Current Preset

When enabled, thr current preset will be docked to the left of the presets bar in the SuperSource Presets tab.

Show Transition Speed Menu

When enabled, a menu showing the current transition speed will be displayed in the upper-left hand corner of thr SuperSource Visual Editor. Tapping the menu will allow you to change the speed of your SuperSource layout transitions.


Access the following viewing options for the Macros section:

You can also modify the first three options from the options menu in the Macros view.

These are global settings that are applied to all connected switchers.

If your switcher supports SuperSource, you can add pauses of 1 frame when recording macros and running a MixEffect SuperSource preset layout.


Control your ATEM switcher using Siri and Shortcuts. Automatically switch inputs when your audio levels reach above or dip below a certain threshold. Activate these features from the Automations section.


This section is for ATEM switchers that support live streaming, such as the ATEM Mini Pro, Mini Pro ISO, and Mini Extreme models.

Live Stream

The following options are available in the Live Stream settings section:

More information on importing and exporting your streaming settings can be found in the Streaming section of this documentation.

Record Stream

The following options are available on the Record Stream settings section:





Reset Warnings

Resets any alerts and warnings that appear in MixEffect, such as the alert that appears when you try to upload an image from your Photos Library.

Reset Settings

Resets MixEffect’s settings back to their factory default. Your saved switchers, streaming services, servers, and profiles will be unaffected.

No data will ever be deleted from your ATEM switcher when using this setting.

Erase Content and Settings

This will erase all content and settings from MixEffect, including saved switchers, streaming services, servers, and profiles, on all of your iOS devices using the same iCloud account.

No data will ever be deleted from your ATEM switcher when using this setting.

Restoring Purchases After Reset

If you have purchased MixEffect Pro, you will need to return to Settings and choose Restore Purchases to restore your Pro license following a reset.