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This section covers important notes about system requirements for MixEffect and what ATEM features are not currently supported. There is also a section on how you can help make the app better.

iOS and iPadOS

MixEffect works on any device running 14.1 or later of iOS or iPadOS. Its user interface scales with the screen size, allowing you to manage your switchers from an iPod touch (7th Generation) to the large 12.9” iPad Pro.

Apple Silicon Macs

You can use MixEffect on Apple Silicon Macs, but there are some user interface quirks that you should be aware of:

  1. Touch and move events don’t translate as well to click and drag mouse events. For instance, clicking and dragging the fader bar works when the mouse cursor remains on the circle. Moving the mouse off of the circle will stop the dragging motion.

ATEM Switchers

MixEffect has been tested to work and run on the following ATEM switchers:

MixEffect should work with the following switchers below. If you have one of these, please report back if MixEffect works with it:

ATEM Software

MixEffect has been optimized for running on ATEM switchers running version 8.x of the ATEM software.


Complete support for all the knobs and settings in the Equalizer and Dynamics section on Fairlight Audio-equipped switchers is not available at the moment. If you rely on those features, you will need to run ATEM Software Control on a Mac or PC.

The Video Follows Audio feature of MixEffect is not available on ATEM switchers with the legacy (non-Fairlight) audio system.

MixEffect does not support adjusting Talkback Channels nor MixMinus settings on the SDI ports.

Capture Video

This feature in the Output tab of the ATEM Software Control app requires a Decklink or UltraStudio Recorder to be attached to an iPhone or iPad so that captured video can be stored locally. That’s not happening on iOS anytime soon, so the feature will not be implemented in MixEffect.

Camera Control

Support for camera control is limited to initiating autofocus (AF) on connected cameras on switchers with HDMI input ports. Switchers with SDI ports have the Camera Control section hidden due to a potential bug that will lock up the switcher until a hard restart is performed.

Switcher Settings

MixEffect does not support adjusting the following switcher settings:


Support for uploading pre-multiplied images to the Media Pool is planned but currently not supported.

Uploading video and audio clips is not supported.


Lastly, this is not an ATEM compatibility issue per se, but the number one question I get asked about MixEffect is does it work on Android?

TL;DR: No.

The long answer is that my history with Apple goes way back to the days of the Apple ][. I used a PowerBook 180 throughout college and was an early proponent of the Newton, Apple’s first foray in the portable computing devices market segment that everyone is so intimately familiar with today.

I understand how to code for iOS, and as a result MixEffect provides an excellent native experience with which to control your ATEM switchers on iPhones and iPads. Learning to write as effectively on Android would take me years, and it’s just not in the cards.

How to Help

Join the MixEffect community and provide feedback on your use of MixEffect.