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Keyboard Shortcuts

MixEffect has extensive keyboard support for controlling your ATEM switchers.

Press and hold the command key to see a list of shortcuts available in each section of MixEffect:

Keyboard Shortcuts Overlay

Universal Shortcuts

These keyboard shortcuts work throughout MixEffect:

Switcher Section

The following keyboard shortcuts work when the Switcher page is visible:

Switcher Pages


Media Pool Panel

Upstream Keyers Panel

Downstream Keyers Panel

Audio Section or Panel

The following shortcuts work when on the Audio page or if the Audio panel is present on the current Switcher Page.

Downstream Keyers Section

Macro Section

Media Section

Output Section

SuperSource Section

If you have tapped on a SuperSource preset layout, the following keyboard shortcuts will become available:

View All Presets

Transitions Section

Upstream Keyers Section

Auxiliary Section