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MixEffect enhances macros on your ATEM switcher with support for icons, colors, and three different display modes. You can also filter and sort your macros by index, name, color, and icon.


All of ATEM’s macros are available for running from the switcher page. You can display your macros in a grid, button or list view.

Macros Button

Tap the Macros button to display the Macros sheet. Long-press to bring up the Macros Action menu and choose one of the following actions:

Creating a new macro from the Macros button

Macro Button

Tap a macro to run or edit it depending on your Macro On Tap preference in Settings. Long-press to reveal the Macro Action menu and choose one of the following actions:

Macros View

The Macros View is where you can search, sort, and manage your macros. There are two ways to access it:

The Macros View is organized as follows:

Search and Sort

MixEffect allows you to search your macros by name or text contained in the notes field. It also allows you to search by the following criteria:

This provides unparalleled ability to organize your macros exactly the way you want them.

You could add a keyword in the Notes field and use search in MixEffect to quickly view all macros associated with a particular show or stream.


By adding custom metadata in the Notes field in your macros, you can add colors, icons, and custom labels to your macros when viewed by MixEffect.

Customizing your macros

All metadata fields follow the same format. You can enter these fields manually in the ATEM Software Control app from Blackmagic or visually within MixEffect.



For instance, adding {l#PIP} to the Notes field of a macro will cause the button to be labeled PIP when the macro display mode is set to grid.



For instance, setting the icon to be: {i#house.fill} will use the SF Symbol house.fill in this macro.

A list of valid symbol names can be found in the SF Symbols app from Apple. There are over 2400 symbols available, so you can customize your macros in many ways.

Icon Color


This sets the color of the icon. If left blank, the color will alternate between white and black depending on the color of the macro.



Entering {c#00FF00} will make your macro appear on a green background when seen in the Macros view or sheet in MixEffect.

Text Color


This sets the color of the text when the macro display mode is set to Button. If left blank, text will be either white or black depending on the color of the macro.

Macro Record Floating Panel

When recording macros, a floating panel with the following buttons will appear:

Macro Record Panel

Macro Run Floating Panel

When you run a macro, a floating panel will appear in MixEffect with the following buttons:

Macro Run Panel

NOTE: The Macro Run panel will not appear if your macro finishes quickly.