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Video Follows Audio

Switch to different inputs or run macros automatically with the Video Follows Audio feature of MixEffect Pro.

Video Follows Audio

Video Follows Audio can be useful if you doing a production as a one-man team and want to automate the switching aspects of your show. Suppose you have a four camera setup:

  1. Closeup on Host
  2. Closeup on Guest #2
  3. Closeup on Guest #3
  4. Wide shot of the group

With Video Follows Audio, you can instruct your switcher to change automatically to Input 1 whenever the audio level on the input passes -20dB. You can have it hold there for 5 seconds before allowing another audio input to trigger another camera change (e.g. cameras 2 and 3).

When the master audio level dips below -40dB — for instance, when the participants all stop talking — the switcher can go back to the wide camera on Input 4. Finally, when you are ready to take over manual control, a single tap turns off Video Follows Audio.

Enable Video Follows Audio

The Video Follows Audio feature is turned off by default. To enable it, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the MixEffect Home.
  2. Tap Settings (gear).
  3. Tap Automations.
  4. Tap Enable Video Follows Audio.

Settings for Video Follows Audio are stored on a per-switcher basis. Enabling the feature in the Automations section allows for the use of Video Follows Audio in MixEffect, but you can turn it on or off individually for each switcher.

Configure Audio Sources

Once Video Follows Audio has been enabled in MixEffect Settings, a VFA button will appear atop the Master Audio panel. Tapping it will turn on Video Follows Audio and enable the VFA bar in the lower-right corner of each audio source.

There are several states for this button, visually indicated as follows:


Tap the VFA bar to reveal a sheet to edit all of the Video Follows Audio settings for the audio source.

Video Follows Audio Settings Sheet


The settings below set the type of Video Follows Audio trigger for the selected audio source.


These settings dictate the action to be performed when Video Follows Audio is triggered for this audio source.

After Running

These settings instruct MixEffect on what to do after Video Follows Audio runs for this audio source.

Using Video Follows Audio

Video Follows Audio only works when these conditions are set:

Also note that every time you connect or reconnect to a switcher, Video Follows Audio is disabled in the switcher. You will have to go to the Audio section or panel to re-enable it.

This is done because MixEffect can be used on multiple devices at the same time. If all of them were running with Video Follows Audio active, it could lead to conditions where multiple transition commands could be sent to the ATEM at the same time.

For this reason, it is recommended that only one Video Follows Audio session is active for each switcher.

Video Follows Audio Settings File

Video Follows Audio settings are stored in an XML file named videoFollowsAudio.xml, located in the switcher directory of MixEffect in your iCloud Drive Documents folder.